Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive Capsulitis, also called frozen shoulder, is a condition that causes stiffness, pain, and a limited range of motion in your shoulder. A person may experience frozen shoulder after an injury or overuse. Other times, it can be caused by a disease such as diabetes or a stroke. When a person has frozen shoulder, stiffening tissue around joint has caused scar tissue to form, which then makes shoulder movement difficult and even painful. Frozen shoulder is a condition that progresses gradually, and can take a year or more to slowly improve.


The doctors at Austin Sports Medicine may determine that a patient has frozen shoulder during an interview and physical exam. Sometimes, an X-Ray may be ordered to ensure that a patient’s limited shoulder movement is not being caused by another condition.


The majority of patients are able to recover from frozen shoulder through a treatment plan that includes anti-inflammatory medications, stretching exercises and possibly the use of heat and ice. For cases in which the shoulder is not responding to non-surgical treatment, arthroscopic surgery can be performed to help loosen some of the tight tissues around the shoulder.

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