Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy at Austin Sports Medicine

Dr. Carey Windler is a member of the Regenerative Care Network which allows the use of umbilical cord stem cells for patients with osteoarthritis. This complies with Texas law (commonly called Charlie’s law) which was effective September 1, 2017. Under the law, physicians may provide stem cell treatment so long as they adhere to a variety of requirements. These include treatment according to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol and making yearly reports on outcomes to the Texas State Department of Health.

The Regenerative Care Network strives to help its physicians comply with the Texas law. Please see the Legal Overview here.

What are stem cells?

Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC‘s) also called “stem cells”, are cells located in the bone marrow and surrounding blood vessels throughout the body. Their function is to help the healing process by several means, most importantly by reducing local inflammation and aiding regeneration of damaged tissue. MSC’s can be found in every part of your body and can adapt into a variety of tissues to promote healing.

Where do the stem cells come from?

There are many sources of MSCs, but RCN physicians use only cells from umbilical cord tissue from healthy mothers ( not from a miscarriage or abortion) provided by manufacturers approved by the FDA for their good manufacturing practices. Thus with RCN -selected cells, you are certain to receive only young healthy cells that are ready for injection when you come for a study treatment – no painful bone marrow procedure is involved.

Who are the candidates?

This study is initially for patients with degenerative arthritis of the knees.

What are the potential benefits?

The primary potential benefit in this study is pain relief secondary to decreased inflammation.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is a local injection (done by a physician) of a small amount of fluid into the joint, under local anesthesia, lasting only a few minutes. You can usually leave the facility within an hour after the injection is complete.

What does the therapy cost?

For a single joint injection by physicians in RCN, the cost is $5500. This is usually not covered by your insurance, but payment plans may be available.

If you feel that you are a candidate for umbilical cord stem cell treatment, please call the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Windler to determine if this treatment is an appropriate option for you.