Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Austin, Texas

Some musculoskeletal injuries can be successfully resolved conservatively with physical therapy (PT) instead of surgery. If PT alone does not resolve your issue, it may also be prescribed in conjunction with preparation for and/or rehabilitation after surgery.

When referred for physical therapy, our hands-on physical therapists will perform an evaluation and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs using exercise, modalities, and manual techniques. The focus is on teaching you how to heal yourself and get you back to activities as quickly as possible. Austin Sports Medicine’s in-house facility allows for continuous communication between the doctors and the physical therapists. Our physical therapists also offer sports-specific injury prevention evaluations to minimize the risk of injury by establishing or maintaining a reliable exercise program.

Why Choose Physical Therapy with Austin Sports Medicine

The Physical Therapists at Austin Sports Medicine are all specialists in their field. They are either certified, or actively attaining their certification through the American Physical Therapy Association or the Hand Therapy Certification Commission in the following fields:

  • CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • CHT – Certified Hand Therapist
  • OCS – Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
  • SCS – Sports Clinical Specialist

This means that the Therapists at Austin Sports Medicine have not only received a higher level degree (Masters or Doctorate) in Physical Therapy, but also have gained expertise in their field. This ensures that each patient receives skilled and specific treatment for their injury or condition.

Additionally, our Physical Therapists have a close working relationship with the Physicians at Austin Sports Medicine and therefore have easy access to physician reports, MRIs, and medical history. Communication between all providers allows for efficient and proper care for the patient.

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